Hey interns, you can now get your own trust fund to help you survive

Little know fact: Adrien Grenier supported Anne Hathaway through her internship solely on food from his coop job.

Do undergrad journalism students still dream of glamorous gigs as staff writers and editors at glossies? Hot tip kids: magazine jobs barely exist anymore and where they do they pay mostly in perks and name-dropability and you’ll be doing A LOT more coffee fetching and errands than writing. Critics sometimes call internships a unique mix of privilege and slavery, in that you’d need either a trust fund to live here while doing bitch work, and most aspiring interns don’t have one.

If you are a student or recent grad who has landed a coveted unpaid editorial internship at a NYC glossy title this fall, you get a chance to be a trust-fund baby after all. Ed2010 wants to help you eat (or smoke, if it’s at a fashion mag) while you pursue your Conde-Hearst ivory tower dream. Apply now for a chance to win their fall Trust Fund and you can get $1,200 to make you feel slightly less like a slave.

Ed’s Trust Fund of $1,200 is awarded to one intern for each the fall and spring semesters and two in the summer. Application deadline for the Fall Trust Fund is 11:59pm on Oct. 9.

Ed2010 is a community of magazine writers and editors and aspiring Wintour/Carter wannabes. They maintain an extensive internship/job board, HR contacts for all the major publishing houses and host seminars and networking events for magazine biz types.

Read the eligibility instructions carefully. Enrolled undergrad students (sophomore +) and recent graduates (up to 2 years post graduation) may qualify, but not graduate students. Also, this is truly for editorial interns at print glossy magazines recognized  by the Magazine Publishers of America and their affiliated websites only. So newspaper interns, digital only web-mags and anyone on the marketing, sales, business side of publishing need not apply.

Thanks to Diana Vilibert for the tip!

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