Hey, Greenlight Bookstore has a podcast now, The Greenlight Bookstore Radio Hour

greenlight bookstore
It’s like this, but coming out of your computer. via Facebook

People love books, or at least they like to tell you they do at parties. People also love podcasts, they usually don’t even fake that one. So, beloved Fort Greene shop Greenlight Bookstore decided to combine those two things that people love into one thing we should wind up loving, with their own podcast, The Greenlight Bookstore Radio Hour. The good news? Listening to it is free. The also good news? Every show comes with a discount code for 15% off Greenlight’s online store. Suck on that, Amazon.

The Greenlight Bookstore Radio Hour is being put together with the help of production company CitizenRacecar, and will be released twice a month. Each one will feature a recording of authors in conversation in the store, with that main section broken up by book reviews of both current and older books by employees at Greenlight.

The first episode of the podcast features Irish author Colum McCann’s chat at the store with author Phil Klay, who wrote Redeployment, a collection of stories about America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with reviews of Emma Straub’s The Vacationers and Joan Silber’s Ideas of Heaven.

According to a press release, future episodes will feature a recording of One Story authors reading their debuts for the publication and Elizabeth Gilbert in conversation with Rebecca Mead, but it’s not like the podcast is just gonna stop after that. So add another subscription to your iTunes playlist, because don’t you want to sound all smart in front of your friends by saying things like “Yes, I did think that conversation between McCann and Phil Klay touched on just a heap of compelling issues”?

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