Hey cool, over one thousand free pulp e-books

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Probably better than Go Ask Alice

Sure you like to seem all smart because you’ve managed to read War and Peace and Infinite Jest. In the same year. But when you’re done reading your Biblical epics masquerading as fiction, you should switch to some a little lighter, breezier and more full of dames and people who end their sentences saying “see?”. Fortunately, you can get that change of pace for free, thanks to Munseys, a clearinghouse of free e-books that has over 1600 pulp fiction novels.

With titles like Affair in TokyoBlack Wings Has My Angel, Detective TNT and Junkie (as seen above), you’re sure to be able to kill some time on a lunch break or a subway ride reading about a bygone age’s much seamier side. You don’t even need to download an e-book reader on your spacephone if you don’t want to, because Munseys has the e-books as HTML, along with versions for Kindle and a few other readers. Of course, if you choose to emulate the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society while you read these, just make sure you don’t do it in Bensonhurst.

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