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Bicycle Roots will teach you to be your own hero with their $10 bike repair classes

This could be you: camo, plaid, & all. (via Flickr user AugustaRiders)
This could be you: camo, plaid, & all. (via Flickr user AugustaRiders)

You know that old phrase, “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll never go hungry again”? Well it also apparently applies to fixing your bike. Starting tonight, Bicycle Roots is offering a series of bike repair classes for just $10 a pop. Instead of dropping your bike off and letting a professional handle it, you can now swear up a storm while you try to remember which metal thing connects to the other metal thing. At least that’ll be cheaper ultimately.

Here’s the deal: head on down to Bicycle Roots (609 Nostrand Avenue) Wednesday at 7pm starting tonight and running for the next six weeks. No need to have any prior bike repair experience, the classes are designed with beginners in mind. They’ll cover a wide range of topics (tonight it’s “Winter Riding 101”) including how to handle tires and inner tubes, brakes, gears, bearings, and wheels.

Classes are given in demonstration format, so don’t forget to bring your sad-ass broken bike to practice on. While the fee for each class is $10, the nice folks at Bicycle Roots say that if you buy something that day, they’ll apply the $10 toward whatever gear you score. Pretty sweet deal for a lifetime of knowledge.

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