Here’s the scoop on the latest subway plan from New York City Transit

There’s no way around it: commuting sucks, the subway sucks, and the bus sucks. As of now, our outlook on the entire system is pretty bleak. But, maybe that will change.

Andy Byford, New York City Transit president, just unveiled a new plan today to support the city’s subways and buses. Byford’s ambitious proposal, “Fast Forward” aims to make major changes, which include:

  • upgrade the subway’s old signals
  • add more accessibility for riders
  • add more subway cars
  • a new far payment system
  • redesign bus routes
  • major work on critical lines (including the G train!)
  • repair work at over 150 stations
  • new buses

The strategy includes five and ten year plans to revitalize the transit system. Byford highlighted that big priorities are to reimagine the city bus system and the subway is in need of a extensive transformation.

That’s certainly music to the ears of straphangers citywide.┬áThe catch? A budget has not been developed for all of these much needed changes. According to Brooklyn Patch, “News reports indicated the plan could cost $19 billion in the first five years and another $18 billion in the following five years, but MTA officials said cost estimates have yet to be finalized.” And, we know how that song and dance could play out. We remain hopeful, but majorly skeptical.

[H/t via Brooklyn Patch]

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