Here’s the guy who wrote ‘Lena Dunham’s Dick’

Dunham's reaction, after reading the story
Dunham’s reaction, after reading the story

There’s a rumor going around the ol’internet town that someone wrote some disturbing and weird Lena Dunham fan fiction, or even a missed connection about her. “Lena Dunham’s Dick,” if you can get through it without your eyes rolling into the back of your head (we couldn’t) purports to be a missed connection from her old boyfriend at Oberlin, and is all about how he’s so emasculated by her success, while he’s just a struggling playwright. Which would be funny if it were true. Instead, the guy who wrote it is a TV writer in LA who went to Wesleyan.

The author of the post, Harris Danow, had the story posted on his website for a little while, before making it password-protected, but hey, here’s the cached version of the story and of the “About” page. He also shared it with Reddit and got a thumbs up from Amanda Palmer before realizing that posting it as a missed connection was probably the best way to get the story around. Danow is listed as a writer’s assistant on The Newsroom on the IMDB, and his LinkedIn has a few other writing assistant gigs. So it’s all just some weird prank or something, we guess. Better than that missed connection that took forty years though, so hopefully this gets Danow a better gig than helping make The Newsroom exist.

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