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Here’s a coupon for free ice cream from OddFellows

odd fellows ice cream
There’s never a bad season for ice cream. via Facebook

You might be looking at that headline and saying, “Who can think of ice cream when there’s more snow on the horizon?” Well, we can think of ice cream, and we also think that by grabbing this coupon for a free scoop from Williamsburg’s OddFellows Ice Cream (175 Kent Avenue), we can will summer to get here faster. And if you’re still not convinced? Hey, more free ice cream for us.

The coupon comes courtesy of TableHoppingNY, but you don’t have to sign up for some email list you’ll forget to unsubscribe from or anything like that. Instead, just head here, put in your email address, and then the coupon for a free scoop of ice cream shows up in your inbox. And anyway, summer or not, 40 degree weather or not, unshakeable nagging feeling that winter might never end and we’re doomed to a permanently chilly existence or not, you can never go wrong with free ice cream.

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