Here it is: your new Brooklyn anthem

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Rachel Lee Walsh, Brooklyn's Francis Scott Key

Remember that contest to create a new Brooklyn anthem, one that could compete with all those Billy Joel-screeching, cocktail-stained pianos of neighboring braggadocious Manhattansburg? Well the votes were tallied, the expert panels consulted, the guitars twanged and tuned and a winner was declared Sunday night. Your new anthem (at least according to Stuff Hipsters Hate) is a surprisingly folky and wistful tune called “Please Come to Brooklyn” by acoustic darling Rachel Lee Walsh. Listen below:

Hear the winner: Please Come to brooklyn by Rachel Lee Walsh.

The song is sweet and catchy, sincere in its lyrical tour of the borough, and with the chorus “Please come to Brooklyn/Please come today,” it should probably catch the ears of someone over at the Brooklyn tourism bureau ASAP. For her winning entry, Rachel gets 70 hours of free studio time. The judges included Nicky Digital, Jason Diamond, (Vol. 1 Brooklyn/; Charlie Todd (Improv Everywhere) and Dan Zaccagnino (Indaba Music).

Honorable mentions in the competition were also “O! Brooklyn (A love story of annexation)” by Tanuki Suit (great name), which contains a lo-fi history lesson of the borough and its brunches, plus a vow of superlativeness to Queens; and “Brooklyn (This is what I want to do!)” by Mancie, an energetic riot grrl-esque love letter to the county of Kings.

What do you think? Does it meet the blasting out your windows on Flatbush Avenue at 2am criteria only Jay Z has so far conquered?

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  1. I gotta say, both the runners up are a lot more catchy than the winner. I’ll be singing “O Brooklyn” all week!

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