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Here and meow: Free cat adoption event this weekend


There’s nothing like a good cat lady joke, but behind the laughter, there can be a terrible truth: hoarding cats isn’t just gross and weird, it’s cruel to the cats. How is a a person supposed to legitimately take care of ten, fifteen, thirty cats in even the best conditions? You can’t, and it only gets worse when something like Hurricane Sandy comes along. The ASPCA rescued thirty cats from a hoarder in the wake of Sandy, and after giving them the proper medical care, the cats are ready for someone nice like you to take them home this weekend. Won’t you help?

The adoption event will be held in the ASPCA’s Mobile Adoption Van, which sounds like the cutest thing on four wheels, this Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm each day. The van will be outside of One Love Pet Hospital (317 Atlantic Avenue, Boerum Hill) and the ASPCA is waiving all adoption fees. The cats are up-to-date on their vaccinations and are neutered. If you’d like to take one home, show up with two forms of ID, proof of address (a cable or utility bill) and contact info for a reference, so maybe your boss and not your drinking buddy. Unless they’re the same person.

The ASPCA is pitching their adoption event as a great Valentine’s Day event, and really, who can blame them? Unless they’re allergic, people love cats, especially cats with a compelling backstory. And if you live with your girlfriend, getting a cat together is only one or two degrees of commitment away from having a kid, although cat college is getting more expensive nowadays. So skip something cliche and boring like flowers and chocolate and instead bring home an adorable ball of fuzz that will also dispatch any mice in your apartment.

ASPCA Brooklyn Adoption Event for Hoarding Survivors, Saturday and Sunday, February 9 and 10, noon to 5pm, 317 Atlantic Avenue, FREE

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