Nitehawk seeks ‘impeccably-groomed’ event manager

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Can you plan something as good as Nitehawk’s outdoor movies run? Do you dress well? Keep reading. via Facebook

If you love movies, like love them so much that your friends sometimes want to punch you because you don’t shut up about them, you can finally start putting your talents to use at more than winning movie trivia nights. That’s because Williamsburg’s Nitehawk Cinema is looking for an Event Manager to help curate and execute the events in the vein of their Saturday morning Spoons, Toons and Booze cartoon screenings to their sweet free outdoor movies this summer. Bonus points if you’re well-dressed.

No salary range or requisite experience level is listed, but contacts and a background in the film industry are a plus. In addition to working with Nitehawk’s management to plan new events and make sure they go smoothly, you have to be spry enough to lift 50 pounts, work on your feet for 10 hours at a stretch, and work 60-hour weeks.

But about that well-dressed thing. The ad specifically asks that candidates “be impeccably groomed, maintain good hygiene, good posture.” Considering that in this city a layer of grime on one’s personage is visual shorthand for being cool enough for a minimum wage record store clerk gig and it’s impossible to get a job as a barista without a giant beard of the variety that hides all sorts of literally dirty secrets, here finally is a job for you seemingly hopeless clean-cut folks out of touch with your more free-spirited millennial peers. So check the job offer out–and if you get called for an interview, remember to wash behind your ears!

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