Help milk price increases from becoming an udder disaster

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Milk price index, for you and your droogs.

Milk prices are mooooving up up up, and small shops are getting hit the hardest. The Daily News reports the average price of a half-gallons beefed up from $1.47 in 2000 to $2.06 last year. That’s an 11 percent hike in New York City, while prices in the rest of the country actually cowered down 2.1 percent. But to find out the real situation with the dairy depression, The Local is crowd-sourcing prices at supermarkets, bodegas and speciality stores around the Fort Greene and Clinton Hill area. Hoof it over to there and contribute a price from your neighborhood half-gallon of sweet lactose. The Local will gather and give them a good shake to determine which inter-species bottled breast milk is best for your wallet.


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