Help map the NYPD bike crackdown

Ticketed for not riding in a bike lane. Photo via Transportation Nation.

Just in time for Bike MonthTransportation Nation, a partner with NPR, wants your bike tickets — No, they’re not going to pay them, but the project is looking to cyclists to help map where and why tickets are received. Not a cyclist? Hate them (I hope not)? That’s OK: Transportation Nation is eager to track witness accounts of ticketing too. The form is quick and simple, though I hope your stories are colorful and verbose. The application of this mapping is unclear but in a city full of cycling controversy, we’re curious to see how this one plays out. After you share your story with Transportation Nation, share it here in the comments section!


  1. Terry

    Hate is a strong word, but it really kills me to see how many cyclists out there heckle and condemn everyone around them for getting in their way or violating their view of etiquette, then watch as they blow through red lights and diss-obey even basic traffic laws.

    I love the idea of more cyclists in this city (and less cars). I cheer for every bike path laid. But with it comes responsibility from the cyclists themselves. if you want access and basic ease in getting around, follow the rules.

    I have also been impressed with other cities (like Ottawa, Canada) where all cyclists must have an operating light. I have seen people on bikes get pulled over for everything. It’s about time they are doing it here –

  2. Unless something has changed in the last year, I’m an attorney and all you have to do is go challenge your ticket. Write on a piece of paper MOtion to Dismiss, lack of jurisdiction, and hand it to the Judge. They have to dismiss it because the statute says the Environmental Control Board has jurisdiction. Yet read the ticket it is a criminal citation, incorrectly granting jurisdiction to the criminal courts. My experience is it won’t even get to a judge, they will dismiss it at the window. They just count on people paying and not fighting. Google what I just said to clarify.

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