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Help fund the world’s first shuffleboard night club, and four other Brooklyn-based Kickstarters

How awesome the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club will look, if you donate.

Anybody can come up with an idea, but not everybody has the money to execute it. It seems you’re either blessed with one or the other. Think, for every five buck happy hour draft that’s inspired you with a half-buzzed idea you never saw to fruition, you can donate that money to some people who actually have their shit together, or who are at least good at faking it. Check out these five Brooklyn-based Kickstarters that you can help, well, kickstart.

Gowanus Shuffleboard NightClub 

These folks are building the world’s first shuffleboard nightclub in a Gowanus warehouse and they need your mula to complete the 10 regulation-sized shuffleboard courts. The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club may have crossover appeal for Bocce enthusiasts and/or anybody who wants to don a Hawaiian shirt and puff on a stoge and pretend they’re a retired person in 70’s Miami. We’re game for anything that helps foster the illusion of Gowanus as a beach-side community.

Makeshift Society

Because being a freelancer can get awfully lonely, and Williamsburg just can’t get enough adult-Disney-Land-esque amenities, these guys are looking to open a “clubhouse” in the Burg for self-employed creatives to keep each other company while doin’ what they do.

Afterschool Art at Fort Greene’s PS 20

You’re not a monster, are you? Then why would you say no to helping fund after school art for underserved kids? Just $10 gets you a thank you postcard designed by one of PS 20’s students; and everybody knows, little kid drawings are priceless.

Brooklyn Wind Symphony 

Music! Makes the world go round! This all-volunteer wind band needs funding to commission new works from guest composers so they’ll have some fresh tunes to play at the upcoming Midwest Clinic in Chicago. Bonus: the composers who come to Brooklyn to rehearse with the symphony will also conduct workshops at the Grand Street High School, where BWS practices.

Pippernilli Vegan Cookies

Give your vegan friends another cookie to buy at their local grocery store besides Fig Newmans by helping this vegan cookie company make the transition from weekend market to supermarket. The signature Cashmere Drop sweet potato and Chocolate Jewel banana chocolate chip cookies they’re giving away as prizes sound pretty darn enticing even to a butter-lover.

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