Help our friends at Bushwick Daily remake local news with Village

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It takes a village to make a village

If you read Brokelyn, you might also be a reader of Bushwick Daily. It’s OK, we’re pals, we don’t consider it cheating. Other websites, maybe we do. Anyway! We bring up Bushwick Daily because they’ve decided to take some crazy step forward and evolve into a new website called Village, that will combine news, deals from local merchants and events all in one easy-to-use platform. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s kind of expensive to do that, so they’ve got a crowdfunding campaign going that could use your help. ‘Tis the season and all.

Village, from the sounds of it, will combine the best parts of Yelp and Groupon, while taking out the crap that doesn’t work thanks to the latter two companies being gigantic and not plugged into a neighborhood at the roots. Beyond just giving news about Bushwick, the website will be an interactive map where businesses can post loyalty rewards and events going on, and customers can leave reviews. Designing all this fancy stuff comes at a cost though, hence the crowdfunding.

The good news is that this is more of a Kickstarter situation than a GoFundMe kind of fundraiser, so there are rewards you can claim right off the bat if you kick Bushwick Daily some money. Gift certificates to local business, art, books, tote bags (always tote bags), dinner at some of Bushwick’s best restaurants, cocktail parties at its best bars, all of these things and more could be yours depending on how much money you want to donate to make Village happen. We guess all of these things at once could be yours too, but that’s more money than you probably have, come on you’re reading Brokelyn.

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