Help a reader out: brunch for 30 people?

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Buttermilk Channel (hint) photo courtesy of A Brooklyn Life.

So just as we’re preparing the previous post on cheap food bloggers, one of them—Christina DaCosta—happens totally by coincidence to write to us in search of an affordable, post-wedding Sunday brunch. Here’s the plea:

I need to find a brunch-y place that can serve about 20-30 people, but I don’t want to pay a crazy room fee and would love it if the price was right in terms of the food.

Anyone have an idea for our budget-conscious bride-to-be?


  1. I would try maybe doing something at Franklin Park (free if you reserve your own tables – just let them know … or VERY low cost for them to reserve them for you) and then bring your own food, set up buffet style. The space is awesome, you could serve mimosas and other drinks from the bar, and the food could be costco or a cheapish takeout place (bagels, etc.)!

  2. We would love to be the place for your brunch! Call us at 646-393-9422 and ask for Chef Carleen. Bristen’s is located at 751 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration. All the best!

  3. We Just did my father’s 75th birthday at Pomme de Terre on Newkirk Ave in Ditmas. Great food, they had mimosas, and when we asked for bloody maries, they let us bring our own vodka!

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