Helmet share is here to protect your soft squishy brain

You look a little dorky, but your brain, it's so soft. Photo by Mary Dorn
You look a little dorky, but your brain, it’s so soft. Photo by Mary Dorn

One of the main objections to bike share that people were yammering about when it launched was “The tourists riding without helmets will be crashing and breaking their heads, flooding our streets with brains.” It’s a legit complaint, kind of, since even the most experienced NYC cycler can be struck be a car or hit a nasty pothole at any time. But now that complaint is gone, because helmet share is now at a Bike and Roll location near you.

Bike rental shop Bike & Roll has partened with Citi Bike to allow people to rent helmets from their locations for safer cycling on the mean streets. A flat fee of $3 will get you a helmet for a day, which you can drop off and pick up from any location all day. Sadly, only one location is in Brooklyn, but it’s a start, and if there’s money in it, maybe other bike rental services will follow.

This isn’t going to solve the problem of drunkenly deciding to hop on a Citi Bike at 1am instead of walking the 3 miles home, but it’s still a good way to protect your face from broken bones if your helmet hits the ground first, and your soft squishy brains from things like concussions. Trust me, I’ve got some stories.

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