Hell’s Kitchen is looking for a few good chefs to yell at

hell's kitchen
Are you not afraid of this man? Then apply today! via Facebook

Hey there chefs, and chef wannabes (who can cook, this isn’t for you if you can’t cook), do you want a shortcut around our tips for moving up in the restaurant world? Do you not mind being yelled at by a large man holding a knife? Then you’re in luck, because Hell’s Kitchen is once again looking for a some chefs who want to make a name for themselves and don’t mind being screamed at by an on-camera lunatic!

If you weren’t aware that Hell’s Kitchen was still on, well, now you do. We’d keep that information to yourself if you go in for a casting call. The only requirements for being on the Gordon Ramsay screaming showcase are that you be at least 21, an American or citizen or permanent resident and that you’re outspoken and tough. Though not SO tough that you actually fight someone.

If you’re all of those things, send a photo, the state where you live, a brief mention of your culinary experience, why you’d be good for the show and what sets you apart from those other losers you’re not here to make friends with to castinghk2014 [AT] If you win the show, you get to be an executive chef at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, and since you got the tip from us, you have to let us come in and eat for free. Deal? Great!

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