An exhibition on internet cats is coming to Queens

The event for crazy cat ladies is finally here. Image courtesy of The Infinite Cat Project.
The event for crazy cat ladies is finally here. Image courtesy of The Infinite Cat Project.

First they took over the stage, in London and then here on Broadway, thanks to the work of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Then, after over a decade of  weirding out countless people through the magic of song, the creatures set their sights on something bigger, something with even more reach than the stage: the world wide web. Is there anyway to stop these furry, cute animals from taking over the information super highway? No, there isn’t, because they have already won. From memes, to gifs, to YouTube videos, to just about everything that makes up the Internet, cats run things, not Google, or the Illuminati. You are wrong, for it is cats that have taken over the web and The Museum of the Moving Image will have a special exhibit starting August 7, “How Cats Took Over The Internet” showing exactly how this happened.

“How Cats Took Over The Internet” will feature a curated selection of cat images, gifs and videos— basically what we see on the Internet every day—which will be “presented through the critical lens of concepts like anthropomorphism” along with “the rise of user-generated content.” Along with the collection of images etc. will be a timeline of cat moments on the Internet (Keyboard Cat) along with historical photos and other media of cats to show that the obsession over felines happened way before lonely people had computers.

Inside the facility’s amphitheater, a curated number of viral cat videos, chosen by the curator of the Internet Cat Video Festival Will Braden, will be played on loop; so it will just be like being at home, because we know that’s what you’re doing while you should be doing work or talking to loved ones. So take a break from posting photos of your cat on social media and act like you have a life, by checking out this exhibit on cats for just $12 at MOMI. It will possibly make you feel less crazy about being so cat obsessed.

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