HBO seeking all of Brooklyn’s young, beautiful people

How to Make it in America: become an HBO extra?

Craigslist has no shortage of casting calls for tattoo-y creative types, but when it’s HBO, it may be worth putting aside your refusal to self-identify with the ghoulish h-word. This ad says HBO is seeking “hipsters” for shoots of How to Make it In America in Bushwick and the Lower East Side on Tuesday through Sunday and later in the season. HBO’s year-old show, which tracks young entrepreneurs in the city’s fashion scene, deserves credit for saying exactly what it means by hipsters (though the proof reading is oddly lax), “Did you make it to the LCD Soundsystem farewell show or desperately wanted to?” The gig pays a minimum $85, so at least it isn’t just another project offering “exposure” for using your hipster cred.


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