Have a say in the future of Greenpoint at Borough Hall tonight

Will Greenpoint Landing land on us?
Will Greenpoint Landing land on us?

It seems that no matter how many times mean bloggers refer to them as “hideous” and “eyesores” or say they’re “popping up like so many genital warts,” developers keep at it with Miami-style condos on the Brooklyn waterfront. The newest battle for the waterfront is in Greenpoint, where the Greenpoint Landing project (seen above) is fixing to show up but not really fit into Greenpoint. Community Board 1 has already voted against the project, and tonight there’s another meeting about it at Borough Hall, where you’re invited to have your say.

CB1’s opposition to the project wasn’t aesthetic, as much as it was that they were unhappy with the amount of affordable housing being offered with project. Tonight’s meeting (agenda items 2 and 3) at 5pm at Borough Hall (209 Joralemon Street) will concern the zoning changes necessary for the Greenpoint Landing project and 77 Commercial Street to go forward. The Borough President’s office gets to give their recommendation for land use to the City Planning Commission, but before Marty does that, you have the right to speak for three minutes if you choose to sign up to do so.

So whether you think the project will bring much-needed housing and relief on rent prices to Brooklyn, is hideous aesthetically and a sweetheart deal for developers who’ll do everything they can to not honor affordable housing agreements or kind of ambivalent about the whole thing and would like to be convinced one way or the other, Borough Hall will be place to be tonight. At the very least, don’t skip this and then complain about housing towers two years from now.

Uniform Land Use Review Procedure Public Hearing, tonight, 5pm, Borough President’s Court Room, Borough Hall, 209 Joralemon Street, Downtown Brooklyn


  1. Michael B

    This half-million dollar condos will undoubtedly inflate the price of housing in North Brooklyn, and push people out. Furthermore, it will increase the population of north Greenpoint by 40% almost overnight. The neighborhood will NEVER be the same, and the sweet / quaint working-class culture that established this hood will a distant memory diminished. If you have time to attend this, please do!

  2. dannie79

    I think overall its a good thing. So, you’re saying it’ll push people out of the neighborhood. If that’s the case, they have to go else where. Perhaps another Brooklyn neighborhood that could benefit from an influx of new residents and new businesses.

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