Happy National Margarita Day!

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Today is National Margarita Day! It’s a thing someone invented, for who cares what reason! The official purpose stated in that video is because we’re in the dead of winter (in theory) and need more vitamin C and happy beverages to get us through the tough (in theory) season. Margaritas, little known fact, are actually the best alcoholic beverage, especially for those of us who use them solely as a method to deliver salt directly into our mouths. But they can get pricey. The Margarita Day site lists an official BK celebration at Mesa Coyoacan in Williamsburg, but there’s no word on specials, and margs there cost $9 a pop. So have it, commenters: what’s the best cheap margarita in BK? As in, does anything beat that bucket o’ drunk you can get at Turkey’s Nest? Oh, and to get your commenter juices flowing, something something McKibbin lofts something something Bay Ridge.

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  1. Not quite a margarita, but the El Diablo at Tandem in Bushwick is awesome. I don’t know what they cost because I drink too many.

  2. the ones at cantina royale in williamsburg aren’t cheap, but they are amazing

    also, nita nita bar in williamsburg has margarita mondays, $4 margaritas all night

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