Happy Election Day! Share the scene at your polling place here

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They’re feeling the excitement at the Park Slope Armory! via @JoshGreenman

Well, it’s finally happening. After months and months of polling, wondering how much longer Anthony Weiner could subject himself and us to all of this and John Liu wishing people would makes jokes about him, it’s Election Day. Have you voted yet? Are you voting. We hope you are. Especially because after consulting with our legal team, we found out that the Brokelyn poll, far from being 100% legally binding, was actually 0% legally binding. So, make sure if you actually want your voice to be heard, to go actually make your voice heard.

If you need to know, here’s where you can find your polling place. Even if you need to work, you’ve got until 9pm to get your vote in, so “Oh I was tired” is a crappy excuse and leads to things like the person you wanted losing by just one vote.

Want to know who to vote for? Well, that’s up to you, but readers of this website overwhelmingly picked Bill de Blasio, who’s either a bougie Park Slope yuppie or a terrifying Jacobin specter of class resentment come to life. Don’t forget that their are other elections though. Today’s primary will also pick candidates for Comptroller, Public Advocate, District Attorney, Borough President and huge amount of City Council seats.

We’ll leave this post here all day for you to let us know who you voted for if you’d like, but also to give us the scene at your polling place. There are already scattered reports of problems at polling places, possibly because of the fact that New Yorkers don’t trust The Machines to handle our voting and instead going with archaic lever voting machines from the 60s. Let us know if that happens at your polling place, or if things go smoothly. And finally, remember the most important thing you can do today: if you have a chance to vote against Vito Lopez, do it.

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  1. Small crowd at my place on Pacific Street at about 9:30. But it looked like the machines were jammed and the only way to fix them was to ram them with hands over and over again. Also, I had to fill out a provisional so I still have yet to ever pull a lever in my 13 years of voting.

  2. Voted at the Montessori School in Cobble Hill at around 10:30. The machines were broken so I had to fill out a paper ballot instead. In and out in less than five minutes regardless.

  3. I went to PS 316 in Crown Heights around 3pm, I was the only voter there.
    The poll workers were friendly, and the machine worked fine. Pulling the lever was super fun and way less complicated than the paper ballots.

    HEY ELECTION OFFICIALS: how bout letting me redesign the paper ballots for next time?

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