Handy new service BikeSMS texts closest Citi Bike dock locations to you

citi bike station map
Can’t load this on your spacephone? There’s a way around it now!

Citi Bike, that murder-free and apocalypse-ready option for the savvy, living commuter, has a map app that you can look at to see where the closest Citi Bike dock is. But what if you have a garbage space phone with bad internet capabilities, or a battery that drains when you open up an map app? Don’t spend a bunch of money on an upgrade just yet, because a new service will text you the locations and number of docked bikes if you just text where you’re standing.

BikeSMS, designed by Joel Goldman, works pretty simply: just go to the site, put your number in the little box with the email sign next to it, and they’ll text you. After that, you can text the service either your exact address or even just cross-streets, and seconds later you’ll get two or three of the closest bike share stations to you, along with how many bikes and docks are available. It can even tell you what’s up along your route. You can text “from [ADDRESS] to [ADDRESS]” and ┬áit’ll give you the closest stations to where you are and where you’re going. All in all, kinda handy if you can’t get your mobile network to respond just by glaring and yelling at your phone.

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