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Heartwarming: ‘Very social’ hamster rescued near Myrtle Ave. Papa John’s

Hamsters are not very good at very many things, but they do have a keen knack for escaping and, possibly, surviving in the wilds of New York City. It is not clear if the Hammy in question had a previous owner from whom it ran or is a native to the streets and sewers, but one kindly passerby has saved it from certain death as the winter approaches, and put the little guy up for adoption on where but Craigslist free stuff.

“Today on my way home from a long day’s work, I rescued a hamster,” the feral hamster’s savior posted, noting, “I assure you it is not just a small NYC rat.” The hamster is, apparently, “very social (for a hamster),” and, besides definitely being a hamster, is native to the strip of Myrtle-Broadway off the JMZ, “near the Papa John’s.”

While a bond was clearly formed between the OP and the hamster, likely during the intense moment of physical contact when the rodent was scooped off the streets of Bed-Stuy, OP is seeking a loving home for the ham man. “Republicans, hamster brokers and all around weirdos need not apply,” to foster, “only serious adopters…The whole point is for the hamster to have a long, productive, fruitful life.”

Do you have room in your family for a very tiny, very fluffy little life?

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  1. Willoughby, the Hamster


    Thanks for the write-up. I posted this Ad on Craigslist and I’ve gotten a few weird replies, I was wondering how so many people caught notice!

    I really want Willoughby (that’s the Hamster’s name) to have a good home. I even considered keeping Willoughby as a classroom pet, but I’m not sure that Willoughby would want to go to school with me or spend the night there. We’re still here and I will not be just giving it to any rando who contacts us off the internet. Ideally, Willoughby should have more than enough room to explore, plenty of snacks and preferably a buddy or love interest of sorts.

    Any ideas or serious adopters are welcome! I am checking references with pictures.

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