Half off hair highlights with genius colorist

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Random photo of one of Borja's clients.

Do you have one thing that you splurge on no matter what? Therapy, yoga, Mast Brothers chocolate? Mine is highlights from Borja Cau, a hair colorist in midtown Manhattan who has a way with blond the likes of which I’ve never seen elsewhere. (She does other colors too.) Where lesser talents rely on foil, she uses a technique called balayage, which involves freehand painting. She says it adds depth and looks more natural than foil; I just know she’s phenomenal — I haven’t had a single miss in more than a decade. From Nov. 25 through December 3, she’s offering 50 percent off for new clients. Even if you’re already committed to a colorist (please share below!), she’s worth cheating for. Here is her Facebook page, and some of Borja’s Citysearch reviews from similarly smitten clients.

Borja Color Studio 118 East 57th St. (between Park and Lex), 212-308-3232

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