Over half of Brooklyn one-bedrooms cost over $2,000/month

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Just keep the crying down, you’ll wake up your roommate that you’ll have forever. Photo by Rachel DeLetto

Ah, the dream of living alone. There you are, wandering around your apartment totally nude, not worrying about a roommate walking in and laughing at your awful, shameful body. There you are, not waiting for someone else to get out of the bathroom, or washing someone else’s dishes or just wishing someone else would stop talking. Well, keep dreaming we guess, because the dream killers at Trulia took a look at all the data and came out with the news that 51.3% of one-bedroom apartments in Brooklyn will cost you over $2,000/month.

Yeesh, two grand a month for the privilege of living on your own and not having your bed in the kitchen which is also the living room. Then again, if 51.3% of the apartments are over $2,000/month, that means that 48.7% of one-bedrooms are less than $2,000/month, and according to a map that Trulia made, you can see that those apartments are spread out pretty evenly in Brooklyn.

If you want a one-bedroom in DUMBO, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Park Slope, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Gowanus, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights or Prospect Heights, you’re going to be dealing with the majority of one-bedrooms being over that very expensive threshold. Everywhere else in Brooklyn though, less than 50% of one-bedrooms are $2,000/month.¬†Also, it can always be worse. For instance, 90.6% and 89.3% of one-bedroom will cost you more than $2,000/month in San Franciso and Manhattan respectively. Of course, who wants to live there anyway, right?

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  1. Citizen

    My 3 bedroom house in bergen county (north new jersey) is on a quiet tree-lined street, has a freestanding garage (my woodshop), full basement, attic, and plenty of birds/animals. It was built in 1920, and even with serious renovations (chefs kitchen, gut bathroom renovation, new solid hardwood floors, etc) it still cost less than our rent in East Williamsburg Industrial Park.

    Sure there are fewer places to eat/drink… but we cook at home, and if I had to stand in a packed bar on a thursday night shouting over the music one more time in my life I was going to lose it.

    Move over the river, it’s much nicer out here in the quiet suburbs of North New Jersey.
    Your friends in Prospect Heights never come to visit you anyhow.

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