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Grub Street’s 13 best Brooklyn taco spots: how did they do?

Brooklyn Taco’s Guac Taco is best when enjoyed on a vintage bicycle seat. Photo via New York Magazine.

Tacos, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. You can be bought for pocket change, you’re beloved by meat eaters and vegetarians alike, perfect at parties, small enough to snack on but big enough to make a meal of, endlessly varied, best when served with beer… that’s at least 33 reasons, which, as it happens, is the number of taco joints in Grub Street’s roundup of knockout New York tacos. Brooklyn makes a strong showing, accounting for 13 of the “tortilla triumphs” on the list, which range from old-timers to brisket and spicy tuna takes. Then there’s Whirlybird’s potato-chip-topped egg and stewed vegetable breakfast taco (# 33), which defies genre altogether. After the jump, all the Brooklyn places that made Grub Street’s top tacos list, plus menu picks from Grub Street editors. How did they do? Did NYMag’s salsa sleuths track down the best in Brooklyn, or did they miss your favorite taco truck / stand / restaurant / dealer? 

#4 Calexico
645 Manhattan Ave., at Nassau Ave.
Picks: Chorizo, Baja fish, something called a Gringo

#5 Choncos Tacos
The Brooklyn Flea
Picks: Beer-battered, fried-fish taco

#6 Country Boys
Red Hook Ball Fields, Brooklyn Flea
Picks: All tacos and huaraches

#11 Fonda
434 Seventh Ave., nr. 15th St., Park Slope
Picks: Taquitos al pastor

#12 Güeros Brooklyn
605 Prospect Pl., nr. Franklin Ave., Crown Heights; 718-230-4941
Picks: Migas breakfast taco, brisket, fried chicken

#13 Cafe de la Esquina at Wythe Diner
225 Wythe Ave., nr. N. 3rd St.
Picks: Carnitas; or chorizo, potatoes and cactus

#15 La Superior
295 Berry St., nr. 2nd St., Williamsburg; 718-388-5988
Tongue tacos (beware a $1 supplement)

#19 Oaxaca Taqueria
251 Smith St, (Btwn Douglass & Degraw St)
Picks: Classics

#20 Palo Santo
652 Union St., nr. Fourth Ave., Park Slope; 718-636-6311
Picks: Tasting-menu tacos


  1. racheld

    Only while hammered, but San Loco on N 4th makes a pretty worthy rendition of Taco Bell’s double decker taco that reminds me of my very stoned youth. Also Endless Summer taco truck.

  2. Susan little

    Some of these are a joke! Keep it real, Oaxaca stinks. Matamoros was our fave until the taco truck Tacos El Brancos opened a place on 44th and 4th ave. No Booze, No Ambiance, good times. The food is FANTASTIC, the whole family can literally eat for 18 bucks! Calexico is pretty good, but why pay that much for Mexican when you can come to Sunset Park and eat on the real and on the cheap!!

  3. Gueros is truly the best tacos ever.

    Oaxaca, though? So gross. I can toaster-oven pre made food too….and don’t have to pay as much when I do it myself as well.

  4. Woody

    Can we be honest here… this is a list of taco places for gringos. I didn’t realize Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and the Brooklyn Flea were *the* places for tacos in all of Brooklyn.

    Of course, Sunset Park is way down on the list… nothing in the Mexican neighborhoods in Bushwick.

    Is it really that hard for white people to figure out where Mexican people eat good Mexican food?

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