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Groupon of the day: Ninja sword classes, and your own sword!

I DARE you to try to take my iPhone now.

Spending $28 can get you a lot of things: a shirt supporting the Brooklyn public library for one, or some things to defend yourself like a four-pack of pepper spray or vintage pocket knives. Today, $28 gets you an ever higher level of self-defense: lessons on how to slice your enemies in half like so much Leonardo attacking hot sewer pizza. That’s right, aspiring urban ninjas: today’s Groupon is offering three ninja sword classes worth $75 for $28; or bump up to the Splinter level and get five classes, and a sword to take home, for $119 ($260 value). The catch is it’s at Bujinkan New York Dojo up in Yonkers, the city’s secret ninja headquarters, where “experienced instructors lead classes on ninja swordsmanship, teaching basic yet effective attacks and defenses.” Then, the next time Shredder tries to take your iPhone on the street, you’ll give him a what for.

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