Buy a $28 Brooklyn Industries shirt, help support the BK Public Library

Does this design scream library lover to you?

Our feelings about Brooklyn Industries are forever mixed, particularly because of this very non-Brokelyn priced travesty, but this is a bit of karma for the company in a positive direction: the trendy clothier has started selling a shirt to support the Brooklyn Public Library. From now through May 7, 20 percent of the $28 shirt sales of the limited-edition shirt design for men, women and children will go to the library to help buy new books, DVDs and eBooks. It’s the company’s second of shirt collaboration with the library; other “for a cause” shirts available right now include this America The Beautiful one celebrating gay marriage to benefit a group that works with homeless LGBT youth and this “Jobs Forever” one that helps a group that helps bring technology to under-priveleged school kids (which is on sale for the downright cheap BI price of $10). The library, in case you didn’t know, is always in need of money for more books. If this whole shirt scheme strikes you sour, you can always donate to the library directly here.


  1. Does “brokelyn” really need to be pimping a $28 t-shirt which costs, on the high end, $10 to produce (seems like that would leave 40% of the proceeds to profit, and that’s a conservative estimate)?

    The doesn’t sound very broke. Or an effective way to support Brooklyn Libraries.

  2. BPLfan

    Note how they mention a way to donate to the library directly. I use the library all the time and buying a shirt or donating $28 (the cost of a hardcover) seems like a cheap price for Internet, magazines, books, ebooks, and community events.

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