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Score! Full Circle Bar Groupon for $20 of beer for $10

Full Circle bar
Where you can roll to have fun, but not in an Ecstasy way.

Here is a thing we like doing: drinking beer. Here is a thing we don’t like doing: paying full price for beers. How to reconcile those two things is a challenge most of the time. Obviously there are the Beer Books, but with 2014 rapidly ending, we’re soon gonna be stuck in a portion of the year where beers are not free, at least until Valentine’s Day. What to do then? Oh, look at that, a Groupon that will get you $20 of beer for just $10 at one of our favorite places, the Full Circle Bar.

Yep, half price beer, which you can also read as twice as much beer as you might normally get with a Hamilton. It’s almost like a Chanukah miracle the way it stretches your dollar like so much sacred oil. Well, except that Chanukah is over and even Christmas is now, so it’s time to stop making references to those holidays. The only downside to the Groupon is that you can only use it from Monday to Thursday, unlike OTHER super cool beer discounts that you can use seven days per week. Still, any offer that leaves you more money to play skee-ball is alright with us.

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