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Coming soon: Grilled cheese sandwiches thrown off a roof

These aren’t just parachutes. They’re parachutes with sandwiches attached. via Instagram

Tired of having your food handed to you from behind some counter, or delivered to your table by a server? Aren’t we all? Well now thanks to an Australian-born cheese sandwich company, Jafflechutes, we can finally get our food falling from the sky attached to miniature parachutes when they show up at The Diamond (43 Franklin Street) in September.

Sounds a little crazy right? Well it is, but it’s also a little awesome. According to an email we got from The Diamond, Jafflechutes is set to show up on their roof “shortly,” sometime in early September. The actual day itself will be announced on Jafflechutes’ Twitter page, after which you can order a sandwich through their website. You pay in advance via PayPal, show up to The Diamond the day of the drop, and wait for your cheese sandwich, or “Jaffle” in Australian terms, to be thrown from the roof and parachute safely into your arms. Just like they did it here:

This isn’t the first Jafflechute landing in New York, so we know that they offer either tomato and cheese ($5) or ham and cheese ($6). Seems like a fair price to pay for a sandwich that falls out of the sky with your name on it. They’ll only be making 30 or 40 sandwiches according to the email though, so be sure to follow them closely on Twitter and claim yours.

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