Greenpoint stereotype commits grand larceny

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Have you seen this mustache?

If you’re going to commit the perfect crime, it’s very important you blend in with your surroundings, so that no one can identify you if you get pinched. A thief working Greenpoint definitely took a page out of that playbook, as the person who stole a $1,000 worth of stuff and a wallet from a restaurant looks like everyone else you might run into at Matchless or Warsaw.¬†Well played, sir. Now shave your mustache, for fashion and practical (not getting caught) purposes.

DNA Info reports that the NYPD is looking for the above skinny white man with a mustache and black hair to in connection with the theft of a $600 topcoat, a pair of $400 sunglasses and a fancy wallet full of credit cards from Greenpoint restaurant Anella. The restaurant manager even copped to the fact that no one paid him any mind when the crime went down because he looked like “a regular Greenpoint kind of person,” which is further proof that you should never trust anyone in this city who looks normal. When asked if there were any leads in light of the fact that the thief could literally be anyone in Greenpoint, police responded:

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