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This Greenpoint restaurant is offering a ‘Making a Murderer’ discount

Photo by Erin McCann via Twitter.
Photo by Erin McCann via Twitter.

The important thing to remember about Netflix’s hit true-crime documentary Making a Murderer is that it does involve a real murder, for which someone is actually responsible, which is objectively a terrible thing. It’s also a fascinating show that exhibits just how downright effed our American justice system is (not a total surprise to the non-white viewing audience out there, tbh).

The show led to a cult of personality around the two defense attorneys who tried to exonerate Steven Avery: Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, who still hold on to his innocence. The Sandy Cohen-esque Strang and his beanpole sidekick Buting with their bad suits have become dadbod superstuds who’ve captured the hearts of the rest of America. So more good news if you are a Dean Strang or a Jerry Buting: you might not be able to free Avery, but you can get free food at No. 7 in Greenpoint.

Erin McCann of the NY times spotted the above sign yesterday giving love to the two innocence-loving attorneys.

Anyway, if you’re a Strang or a Buting, we recommend getting the General Tso’s seitan sandwich, which is the best thing on the menu, or instead go for the item that probably captures how you feel about the Manitowoc county Sheriff’s Office: the TOTAL CHAOS AND DESTRUCTION burger.

And take heart, everyone: you may only be a 5 in New York City but Making a Murderer proves you’d be a stone cold 9 in Wisconsin.

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