Green jobs: Denver alt-weekly looking for pot interns

Enterprising young interns
Enterprising young interns

For the life of us, we’ll never understand why we let those lousy grungers and cowboys in Washington and Colorado legalize pot before New York did. Like most social issues we’re behind on, we’re just going to blame Upstate and make idle secession threats. Because aside from creating a paradise where people finally won’t get arrested for the simple act of holding on to some weed, an alt-weekly in Denver is now looking for a pot intern. Oh sure, now everyone wants to be an intern, huh?

The editors of Westword are looking for an intern to take care of things like helping to get a dispensary listing together and a guide to said dispensaries, spot weed news and even do a few blog posts for their site and their pot-devoted sister site, Toke of the Town. So your basic journalism internship, but with you’ll probably run out for more Doritos Locos Tacos than coffee, especially now that those things come in Cool Ranch flavor.

Before you sublet your apartment and move to Denver, we have one piece of bad news for you: you have to be a college student to qualify for the internship. Of course, there’s no law against going back to college in another state. There is, however, a law against forging college transcripts and fraudulently claiming you’re enrolled in a school when you actually aren’t. Which is why we still have to check in with our parole officer until May.

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