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Great (A.O.) Scott! Get a Times or WSJ subscription with the power of your puns

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You gotta be good though. if your pun Blows, there’s no way they pick you

We’re not going to paper over the fact that America’s daily news sources are in a bit of trouble, that’d just be foolish. But they’re still essential sources of information, at least when they’re done well, and the New York Times and Wall Street Journal certainly deliver in that regard. So it’s good to see them getting a bit more in touch with the inked-up youth of today living in their City Rooms, with a contest the Times‘ social media editor, Daniel Victor, is running: go to this Facebook thread and deliver your best newspaper pun (or rhyme, but ew come on). The winner gets a 12-week digital subscription to the Times, the runner up gets a six-month subscription to the Wall Street Journal website. If there was ever a contest where you didn’t want to copy someone, this is it.

We haven’t looked at what people are offering up just yet, because we didn’t want to spoil our own fun in this post, but don’t go with something Dowdy, or we Douthat  Victor will be picking you. We know you’re a real Metropolitan crowd with Style though, so we’re sure you’ll lede with your best stuff. How could the winner not come from Brooklyn though, given our Motherlode of people who make it their Business to pun and pun and well, often leaving us in Gails of laughter.

Quick break: How do you keep George Michel Bluth out of a bar? Put a Nocera sign in the window.

Anyway, it’s amazing to us that the Times would Brooks this kind of insanity, given that while their headlines are good and informative, they usually aren’t very punny. But maybe this is a sign they’re loosening up a Bittman. Sadly we probably won’t be able to enter the contest now, because it feels like we may have emptied our Magazine firing our best puns here.

[Tip of the fedora to the Observer]

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