Grand Prospect Hall hosts ‘Twin Peaks’ shoot, makes all your nightmares come true

grand prospect hall
Makes sense to have a midget talking backwards in there. Photo by Madelyn Owens

South Slope residents, if you see a guy with a shock of white hair skulking around your neighborhood trying not to be noticed, for once it’s not David Byrne. Well, it might be, check if he’s wearing an all white suit. If not, you just might be seeing David Lynch, who looked at the Grand Prospect Hall, thought “Here is the place of nightmares I’ve always wanted,” and picked it as a filming location for the Twin Peaks sequel that everyone is praying won’t be disappointing.

DNA Info reports that the sign claiming Twin Peaks is being filmed at the Grand Prospect Hall is in fact being filmed there, with owner Michael Halkias telling the site that they’re “under total occupation.” What exactly is being filmed in the place where dreams come true is unknown, but given that the building dates back to the turn of the century, there are probably plenty of haunted rooms in which to film something like this

and have it be full of weird ghostly energy.

What exactly is being filmed is under a dense shroud of mystery, but at least you won’t have to wait 25 years to find out the answer. Our guess/hope? Leland Palmer is having a football wedding. Can you imagine David Lynch being in charge of shooting a scene full of people throwing sandwiches down from a balcony?

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