Land some free desk space for helping GPCW

Greenpoint Coworking, photo by Timothy Krause.
Hey, you. Yeah, you. You like free stuff, right? We thought so. Greenpoint Coworking, the awesome space in Greenpoint that made our roundup of affordable professional desk rentals, is offering a free membership selected responsible peeps. Yes, FREE MEMBERSHIP, so long as you’re willing have to put in a little bit of a work too. 

GPCW is looking for someone to be in charge of the place during operational hours. In exchange, you’ll get a free membership. But you better be a responsible adult. No beer-drinking or creepy stuff in the space. What you do on your own time is fine. Unless it’s weird. But we’re not judging. Well, kinda. But not really. To apply, read the details here. For more photos of Greenpoint Coworking by Timothy Krause, check out the Brokelyn Flickr pool.

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