Gowanus Whole Foods’ opening to feature Marty Markowitz eating, tote bags

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This is happening, one last time. via Marty Markowitz Eating

Brooklyn gets its first Whole Foods next week, on Tuesday December 17, when the Gowanus store opens, with great fanfare. Seriously, there’s going to be everything short of a marching band walking down Third Avenue (which it’s too cold for anyway). Aside from Marty Markowitz being there doing his official borough president eating food duties, there’s going to be music, tastings throughout the store, sales and tote bags. Your move, Trader Joe’s.

If you can drag yourself out of bed for it, there’s going to be a bread-breaking ceremony at 8:15am, featuring Brooklyn’s eater-in-chief Marty Markowtiz breaking off some Whole Foods bread and eating it, before sharing it with onlookers, we presume, as is customary. Then at 9am the doors will be thrown open to the hungry, freezing mob waiting outside, who can start filling up shopping carts, and also their stomachs what with the tastings happening around the store.

Or they can fill up tote bags, because the first 250 people inside will get “Third + 3rd” totes, so you can have one more bag to put in the sad pile of tote bags you always forget to bring with you before leaving the house. Just make sure you don’t get trampled or anything, becaus that’s not the kind of story you want to tell your children about the day a store finally opened in Brooklyn where you could get artisan foodstuffs.

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