Gowanus Whole Foods garden goes Green(point), locally sourced

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Picture this. But on a roof.

Despite the fact that when you think “Gowanus” the first things you think of are dead dolphin jokes and an unceasing horror of PCBs, things are changing there, whether people like it or not. For starters, there’s the coming luxury hotel. And of course, the Whole Foods, which is under construction as we speak. Whether you see it as a much needed shopping space in an underserved area or just more creeping suburbanization, the fact is that the Whole Foods is coming. And in an attempt to get along with their new neighbors, the giant rooftop farm at the store is also going to be locally sourced, with the store tapping Greenpoint’s own Gotham Greens to be the operating partner.

Gotham Greens is already familiar with the challenges of rooftop farming in Brooklyn, given that they have one up in Greenpoint, so it’s a natural choice for Whole Foods, especially if they don’t want to look like a faceless corporate monster. The press release that Whole Foods put out brags that the 20,000 square foot rooftop garden will be provide produce not only for the Gowanus location but also to other Whole Foods in the NYC area.

Whole Foods’ statement didn’t mention what exactly would be grown in the garden, but Grub Street got their hands on some info that said the garden would grow lettuce, herbs and leafy greens, including, of course, kale. Because what would a Brooklyn rooftop garden be without kale?

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