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Gowanus rezoning plan clears way for a flood of high-rise buildings

Your high-rise here. via Flickr user Moretso

Now that the Williamsburg waterfront is about all filled up, and the owner of Junior’s refuses to sell, Brooklyn’s poor beleaguered high-rise residential buildings don’t seem to have anywhere to go. Well, it looks like that’s about to change, because according to DNA Info the Bridging Gowanus plan is set to clear the way for high-rise residential buildings up to 18 stories high. The good news for the residents of Gowanus, is that said rezoning is supposed to come with things like NYCHA fixes, manufacturing protection, more park space and other things that are always promised and seem to lag behind precious glass high-rises.

DNA Info’s story about the coming presentation on the Bridging Gowanus plan makes it sound nice, in that way that everyone will somehow be happy. According to project sponsor City Councilman Brad Lander, Gowanus residents indicated they were alright with construction that goes between 8 and 18 stories, but it has to come with affordable housing and buildings that are somewhat environmentally friendly.

Still, it’s not all high-rises in the plan. Or at least that’s not the whole idea. The plan, which is going to be proposed to Mayor de Blasio’s office, also calls for mandatory-inclusionary zoning, bringing the B71 bus back from the dead, fixing up and adding more park space in the neighborhood, carving out space to keep manufacturing and artist spaces and restricting big-box stores, hotels and self-storage buildings. Which are all good goals, but usually fall by the wayside because it’s easier to roll in some cranes and put up big buildings.


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