Gowanus haunted by mysterious brown goo (probably doody)

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What do you mean, “raw sewage”? via Flick user prizepony

Despite the fact that it’s a neighborhood where people want to be, and want to get ice cream and have wild dance parties, you have to remember that Gowanus has the Gowanus Canal, a Superfund site that gets to host New York City’s sewage overflow. The canal (or rather its ruler, Poseidon), has been in a sharing mood as of late, and has been spreading mysterious, horrible smelling brown goo into homes and businesses around Gowanus according to the Post. Great time for an editorial about how Gowanus should shut up and welcome residential development, huh?

The brown goo, which residents suspect is sewage, has been bubbling up every drain in the neighborhood, from into bars, into the Bell House into people’s home and into car garages. It comes up from drains in sinks and from toilets, subjecting people to smells they described to the Post as “poop” and “barf,” which makes sense given that it’s coming from the Gowanus.

Beyond the fact that residents have said the city isn’t listening to the complaints, they’re further inflamed by fears that a 700-unit condo development from the Lightstone Group will overwhelm Gowanus’ sewers and cause the brown goo to show up even more. We say look on the bright side though: Once people in luxury condos start complaining about doody coming out of their stainless steel sinks, the city will definitely look for a permanent solution. So hang on for just two or three more years you guys!

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