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Gowanus already has a yacht club, so here comes the luxury hotel

The lap of luxury, yes sir. via Flickr user Listen Missy!
The lap of luxury, yes sir. via Flickr user Listen Missy!

Quick! What do you think Gowanus is really missing at the moment? If you answered “a magical PCB-destroying fairy,” you’re technically correct. But since Mike Bloomberg cut the city’s Department of Magick research budget to almost nothing, Gowanus isn’t getting one of those. How about a luxury hotel developed by a guy that hangs out with Chloe Sevigny’s brother? Because that’s what it’s getting.

Capital New York came across some plans for a boutique hotel to be called The Gowanus Inn and Yard, and one the partners is Matt Abramcyk, a restauranteur and guy who hangs out with Chloe Sevigny’s brother, Paul. And while clearly this isn’t a project aimed at you, the humble brokester, there are ways to take advantage of it we guess. The rendering looks like it’s going to have some kind of rooftop bar, so as long as they open that to us plebes, you can put on something nice and enjoy romantic views of a Superfund site. Or, you and your special lady could do a staycation thing, hang out all day in the faux-luxury of the Gowanus Yacht Club and then get a room for a night at the Gowanus Inn and have hot “pretending to be rich person” sex. Though we may have just made that last one up, we’re not sure.

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  1. wow, nice… ummm… “rendering?” With a design this inspiring, this will shape up to be about as “luxurious” as Gowanus’s Holiday Inn Express.

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