The government will pay you $3000 to get the flu

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It’s just like Alex Jones said, only you also get paid for it. via Fort Meade’s Flickr

The one thing you want to do during the winter is avoid the flu. Well, you probably want to avoid it during the summer too, but that’s a ways off. But now comes word that the government will pay you more than you make in a month to get the flu, on purpose. Does that Change Everything You Think About Getting the Flu?

As CBS reports, the National Institutes of Health is willing to pay healthy people between 18 and 50 $3000 to shoot a little flu up their noses. This is done in order to study how the virus works its way through your body, in the hopes of making a better flu vaccine. You might be blanching at the idea, but let’s be honest: you’ve paid to put things up your nose, so this is a nice reversal.

Like the government’s previous offer of laying in bed in exchange for money, this will require a bit of a time commitment, starting with at least 9 days of isolation with your fellow test subjects. You’ll also need to hang around and answer some questions twice a day, and you won’t be able to leave until you show two consecutive days of testing negative for the flu, so bring a good book with you we guess. But, as long as this is really about making a better flu vaccine, and not about making some terrifying super flu to unleash on the American people (#Infowars), you can leave knowing you’ve done your part for science.

The study is still recruiting people now, so if you want your chance to get the flu in scenic Bethesda, Maryland, apply today!

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