Got a spare billion dollars? Pabst Brewing is for sale

pbr sale
The dudes from Workaholics after seeing you’ve outbid them. via Facebook

Despite becoming the mainstream hipster beer of choice, if that makes any sense, PBR still carries a bit of cache in circles of people who don’t want to drink Budweiser. So much cache in fact, that owner C. Dean Metropoulos  (the name of the bad guy in a slob v. snobs comedy if we’ve ever heard one) is now looking to cash out, putting Pabst Brewery on the market for a potential one billion dollars. The good news is that you probably have a billion dollars sitting around, no?

No one from any side of the deal is talking on the record right now according to Reuters, but they claim to be getting their information from “people familiar with the matter.” If Pabst Brewing, which also comes with Old Milwaukee and Schlitz under its umbrella, is sold for even $500 million, it would be a huge deal for Metropoulos, who bought it for $250 million back in 2010. That the brewery doubled in value in the last three years is only sure to continue, because the beer-buying public isn’t at all fickle and impossible to figure out, so we’d say it’s a great investment, even a bargain at one billion dollars.

No one has stepped up to the plate to buy the brewery yet, which is why Brokelyn is announcing our intention to commit a series of daring, high-stakes train robberies in order to raise enough money to at least be a majority partner in whatever other Brooklyn publications want to join us in buying the brewery and steal it from L.A. We’d try to be a little more local and steal art, but that didn’t work out for the last guys who tried that idea.

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