Got big ideas for a new building? Get it featured on Curbed

It may be just a blueprint, but it can still be a winner
It may be just a blueprint, but it could still be a winner. via flickr user Will Scullin

Are you a budding young architect? If not, do you know someone who is? Either way, consider nominating yourself (or them) for a new award, courtesy of the folks over at Curbed. The real estate website is now accepting applications for Groundbreakers, a new program that seeks out emerging architects with innovative ideas.

In contrast to their Young Guns program, which honors already-realized urban design, Groundbreakers recognizes that not all designs come to fruition right away (Pulaski bike lane, anyone?) but that that’s no reason not to recognize them as achievements. If you’ve got big ideas but few resources, this could be a way to get ’em! Resources, not ideas. You already have those.

The program wants to recognize young, up-and-coming talent, so you’ve got to be under 35 to apply, or have been in the business for no more than 5 years.

There’s no money in the award, per se; but if selected, you and your work will be featured on their website, and that’s sure as hell a way to get your building funded. It’s the first year of the Groundbreakers award, but here’s what the 2014 roster of Young Guns finalists looked like, for reference.

Want to apply? You can pitch yourself, or apply for a friend. Either way, tell Curbed why your talents deserve their attention by October 1.

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