Google giving women, minorities free coding classes

code school
If you’re an aspiring Acid Burn, this class is for you.

Are you a woman or a minority who would love to get into software development but don’t have the money or resources to learn the skills? Google has a surprise for you. According to Business Insider, they’re offering three free months of tech lessons at Code School to thousands of women and minorities across the globe — and you could be one of them.

Google confirmed something that’s been painfully obvious to everyone for a long time: there are hardly any women in software development and practically zero minorities. Hell, take a look at HBO’s Silicon Valley: the only women in it are eye-candy assistants, strippers, or sexy servers at start-up galas. If you want to buck this trend with free tech classes from Google (and possibly jump to a new tax bracket), apply using this online form. Anyone from beginners to experienced entrepreneurs are eligible, but be quick. We imagine this is an offer people will jump at.

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  1. James Kain

    I’m all for equal development, but this is ridiculous. Essentially anybody BUT a white male is eligible for this program?

    Let me get this straight. Even though I’ve gone through a virtual hell in my life- my parents divorce/prison, being homeless, being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease at a young age… because I was born a certain color and sex I don’t qualify for this program.

    Why don’t we open this program up to needy people who can’t necessarily afford classes and ignore the color of their skin? And yes, I see this is open to veterans and the disabled as well.

    The problem is that there are tens of thousands of minorities who go through college every year who decide that they have no interest in coding. However, I bet you that there are tens of thousands of impoverished folks of all colors who would be interested in this program.

    So, Silicon Valley is predominately white. I don’t assume it is that way because of racist practices. But a program that only includes people based on race… seems pretty racist to me.

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