Google AdSense threatening to pull the plug on us!

(Note: we have no idea how this man actually procured these garments.)
(Note: we have no idea how this man actually procured these garments.)

This may sound like an April Fool’s joke, but it isn’t. Google AdSense apparently has a sense of decency and doesn’t like being associated with things that aren’t “family friendly” which apparently means they didn’t care for our recent item instructing women in need of cash how they can make a few bucks by selling their fundees (posts about getting wasted on the cheap and making prison hooch from canned fruit cocktail, though, apparently OK). And now we’re in trouble of losing AdSense for the entire site, just because a few words here and there run afoul of the censor bots—and they gave us a deadline of today to fix the problem. Damn the man, save the Brokempire! and all that righteous outrage. On the one hand, 40 cents a month in GoogleAds income ain’t nothing. But we can’t take the story down, because it’s our most-read one ever. So please enjoy the revised, family-friendly version of the aforementioned article:

How to sell your [redacted] online


  1. i was going to email you and ask you to take down the picture for that article, because it was on the upper left hand side of your site, and when i came to your site everyday it was kind of NSFW!

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