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Do-gooder drinking: Skylark donating 10% of weekend sales to fight Ebola

Look at all these do-gooders. via Facebook

We know that you’re all a bunch of ethical consumers out there, who take very seriously where you’ll be drinking your next Golden Spike or Trend Piece. So in that spirit, let us recommend you do as much weekend drinking as you can at Skylark (477 Fifth Avenue, Park Slope) in November, because they’ve just announced they’re giving 10% of their weekend sales to Doctors Without Borders.

Instead of only making jokes about Ebola, Skylark (a bar we loved already) is also going to do something nice for the people going out there and risking their lives trying to help people who need the help most. Seeing as how this is going to be total weekend sales and not just 10% of a specific drink or even drinks at all, we say head to Skylark and don’t just limit yourself to getting one of their 14 tap beers or a cocktail. Get food too.

Bring friends, tell them to bring friends and just start buying drinks for people who come in off the street. Drink more than you have any other month, why not? It’s November, it’s depressing and dark and cold, so you may as well have a drunken party every weekend that helps an organization going out there and risking their asses just because.

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