Go see Tiger Hoods’ mini-golf course made of trash while you still can

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D.I.Y. golf courses are no longer limited to Governor’s Island via Facebook

When you live in the city, you have to make the most of the environment around you. For instance, while there are a handful of mini-golf courses around here if you want to play them, they’re all in pretty far-flung corners. So let’s all toast to D.I.Y. champ Alfred Evans, aka Tiger Hoods, profiled in the Times for making a constantly changing mini-golf course out of trash from the nearby Farragut House projects.

The mini-golf course that Evans put together started humbly, the Times reports, with just three plastic cups to putt into on a grassy knoll near the Farragut Houses and the protected bike lane along Sands Street in Vinegar Hill. From there though, Evans took the time to build it up and the course evolved, with holes made from a Pringles can, a shot glass jammed into the grass and a portable grill lid surrounded by cobble stones. Needless to say, people have been impressed enough with it to nickname Evans Tiger Hoods and watch him putt like he’s playing at Augusta.

Like all great art, Evans’ golf course came from a place of pain, in this instance as a way to deal with his divorce from his wife. Even as some people thought he was crazy for dealing with it this way, Evans told the Times that he “had the time of his life” with the golf course and that it really has centered him mentally. Check out the course while you can though, because due to both the cold weather and Evans’ improved mental state, he said that he’ll probably be packing things in shortly.

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