GO GIANTS! “If you back another team, something’s wrong with you.”

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Excuse our break from regular Brokelyn content as we say: Congrats on the New York Giants for crushing those Boston bros last night in the Super Bowl! Here’s a deep cut from the Giants back catalog:

Think about how far viral videos have come since then: before the internet, someone actually had to actively show this video to people on TV or something. Also, this vid is from 1986, the same year as the release of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, who desecrated his own memory in a car ad last night. While the Giants lost in the ’86 playoffs, the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl, but ended up losing to the Bears, just like they lost last night. Also, Reeboks.

“The Giants fan is quite a man, women and children too/if you back another team, something’s wrong with you.”

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